A GTO for the family

The blue 1965 GTO owned by Tia Barkley has never had any major work done on it over the years because to her it is still her brother Brian’s car. The car has been in the Barkley family since 1987 when Tia’s brother bought it at the age of 14 and took every penny he could find to restore it.

“It was his dream car,” Tia said. The car has a very special meaning for the family due to its connection to their son who lost his life in a car accident in 1992.

For a long time it was the family car but over the past few years Tia has taken on the responsibility of the vehicle.
Making decisions on the next step to restore the car has been a challenge for the family who want to keep it in great shape but also keep their brother’s memory alive. “Wild Thing” as it is nicknamed still carries a stuffed version of the Tasmanian Devil from the Warner Brothers cartoon in the back seat.

The car will once again be back in the Show and Shine car show happening in the Village of Radium
Hot Springs again this year on September 17 and 18. “Sometimes it has missed the show due to the number of vehicles we have to drive down to The Springs,” Tia said.

One thing the family is not short of are volunteers to drive any of their classic vehicles. As for the show Tia loves to get out and meet the people who come to the event.
“I like the people, with it being as big as it is we rarely get to walk around and see the cars. But it is the people. Car people are a different breed,” Tia said with a laugh.

Tia said she always loved cars and enjoyed spending time as a child with her father in the garage. Tia also loved sliding down the fenders of her father’s car as a child and also was part of the reason her father had to put a lock on his gas tank. “When we were kids we loved to play in my dad’s car before it was fixed up. We used to fill the gas tank with plastic animals and gravel,” Tia said.

The next generation is now also falling for the classic cars with a niece who is turning 17 and hoping to have a chance to drive the GTO in the near future. “I am kind of happy right now because it is a standard and she can’t drive a standard yet. I may give her a hard time for a while but at some point she will get her chance to drive the car,” Tia said. Tia added that the car is the family car and she hopes it will go on as long it can.

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