Hot rods at the show and shine

The car show is coming back and a face from the past is returning two decades after his first visit. Cliff Barkley is one of the original members of the Columbia Valley Classic Car Club which will be once again hosting the Show and Shine Car Show in Radium Hot Springs in September.

An owner of a bright yellow 1930 Chevrolet street rod coupe, Cliff has had loved classic cars since a young age. “I have always had a love of hot rods since I was 10-years-old. I got my first one when I was 14,” Cliff said.

At 14, Cliff and some friends chipped in some money to by an old Model A that was under some outdoors stairs. The group came up with 15 dollars for what was left of the car and then started to fix it up. Eventually they got it to a point where they were able to sell it and buy another old car which they again fixed up. Doing this has been a part of his life ever since with Cliff owning about 60 different classic cars over the years. Cliff takes a great deal of pleasure knowing that he was able to rebuild and re-modify the cars which he makes in his own way.

“To see all the cars that come to our little show, it is an amazing attraction. It may be a little beyond a little show now,” Cliff said. Cliff said the show in Radium is the season end show for a lot of people and after it is over the cars are put away until next year. In his time at the show and with the club Cliff admits to seeing many changes at the event. “The numbers do make it a little more difficult to deal with because in our original inception of the show we planned for 75 cars with 40 members. Now we do a show of 1,000 cars with 20 members and a little help,” Cliff said.

He also admitted that he now enjoys the show in a different way than he has in the past. “You see a better quality of car now than we did in the beginning and that is not to knock the ones that came at the start. I think we are getting some high dollar stuff which is nice to see,” Cliff said. He also spoke fondly of when the cars would go out on Friday night in Radium and people could watch them as a band played live music. Cliff talked about how much fun it is as a social event and the friends that you make along the way. “We have had a couple get married at one of the first shows who were also there for their 10th anniversary,” Cliff said.

Still loving the cars and the people who come to the event every year Cliff will be once again hoping to find time to wander the driving range at the Springs Golf Course and enjoy the many different cars at the event.

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2011 Show & Shine Footage

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