A story of Meteor finding a new home

Every classic car seems to have a classic story behind how it came to be in its current owner’s possession.
For Ann and Ray Picton of Windermere the way they found their Canadian-made ‘64 Mercury Meteor is not without a story of its own.

It all started at a car show where another car owner spoke about a car that he had back at his house in Fernie.
At the time no one from the club had the time to go see the car but shortly after Ray and Ann were in the general area of where the car was and decided to drop by to have a look.

With Ray’s brother Roger in tow, the group headed in for a look and instantaneously Ann was sold on the idea of buying the car. The car itself was being kept for the owner’s grandson who decided he did not want an old car.
So the family had to decide what to do with it.

Due to the fact that Ray was a car collector and did not want to haggle around for a price a deal was quickly struck and shortly after the car was off to its new home in Windermere.
“It was a lovely car, it was sleek and red,” Ann said.

Ray is still convinced that if other club members had reached the car first they would never have had the chance to buy it. Both Ann and Ray are prepared to once again be a part of the Columbia Valley Classic Show and Shine car show in the Village of Radium Hot Springs.
“We are hoping for another great crowd. Last year we nearly filled the driving range at The Springs and we are trying to make a little more space this year just in case we get more cars,” Ann said.
Ray added that having so many cars in town for the show is terrific for the area that shows so much support.
“We like the idea of Radium trying to make it into a great festival day in Radium with music and other events,” he said.

Ray is hoping that, if traffic starts to slow down, more people will come out so it will appear, if just for a short time, to turn the clocks backs to the 1950s again.

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2011 Show & Shine Footage

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